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concise, the brand name for diacrylate resin adhesives used in composite restorations and for bonding orthodontic appliances to the enamel.
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Examples of Editing for Conciseness Original Revised Substituting attempt try shorter currently now words demonstrate show fundamental basic numerous many utilize use Deleting absolutely essential essential needless completely destroyed destroyed words of an efficient nature efficient on a daily basis daily red in color red whether or not to whether to Condensing an adequate amount of enough wordy at the present point in time now phrases in light of the fact that because in the event that if is similar to resembles the majority of most Using verbs conduct an examination of examine rather than have effects on affect nouns make contributions contribute provide help to help supply relief of relieve take into consideration consider Table 2.
In her article Un Coup de Des: la lyrique a venir," Debora Silva provides an account of Mallarme's poetics and observes how this poet progressively moved his writing technique towards ellipse and conciseness.
The range of this biography, its conciseness, lively narrative style, and Limb's deft treatment of complicated topics such as the influences shaping Mandela's ideas; the post-1990 negotiations; or his subtle, shifting views on communism and African nationalism, make it a useful introduction.
At times, however, the English language is not able to reach the same degree of conciseness as the original poems.
In short, the strength of this book lies in its conciseness and uncomplicated writing style.
While conciseness can be a virtue, this briefest of descriptions is really not instruction.
Moreover, they call forth Mallarm6's conciseness, reflexivity, and precise scrutiny of verbal materiality.
The simplicity and conciseness makes this book a valuable reference and a guide to pull off an event without stress and worry.
Obviously, there can be no definitive book or film of the TTs, but one that has dropped on to my desk has the benefit of conciseness amid the plethora of coffee-table tomes.
Because it's more difficult to read from a computer screen than paper, strive for conciseness with your content.
The brevity and conciseness with which this is written nevertheless covers the material at a moderately deep level.
All letters may be edited for clarity and conciseness, and may appear either in the magazine or on its web page.