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concise, the brand name for diacrylate resin adhesives used in composite restorations and for bonding orthodontic appliances to the enamel.
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The main body of the book consists of the calendar archives of apprenticeships from 1513-1602, with repetitive phrasing condensed and some abbreviations used to aid conciseness.
CPR was carried out by the crew until thankfully she started breathing for herself and regained conciseness.
It's a rich terrain to mine, the choices people make in their lives, for better or for worse, and the conciseness of the form, a snapshot as it were, lends itself so well to the story telling.
The Patriarch called upon Arab countries to resort to their conciseness and stop demolishing their countries, saying "it's a shame on the Arab world which has embraced a tremendous culture to reach this state".
All submissions are edited for clarity, style and conciseness.
The "Birding with Weather" chapter explains how the use of wind and weather forecasts can help birders predict areas to see birds displaced by meteorological events, although the information on migratory fallout behavior overlapped with several other chapters and lacked conciseness.
It is this unique approach to design, combined with Dornbracht's aesthetic expertise regarding proportions, conciseness and precision that has driven the company's success in the international arena.
The editor reserves the right to publish letters in excerpted form and to edit them for conciseness and clarity
Papers also are assessed for originality1 scientific quality, environmental health significance1 clarity of presentation, and conciseness.
In the event we have a 25-minute masterpiece which grips in its conciseness and emotional outreach.
In her article Un Coup de Des: la lyrique a venir," Debora Silva provides an account of Mallarme's poetics and observes how this poet progressively moved his writing technique towards ellipse and conciseness.
At times, however, the English language is not able to reach the same degree of conciseness as the original poems.