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A body piercing through the free margin of the ear
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Reduction in tourism in the village at the conch shell cultural site.
Prasad has chosen for the subject of his speech the acoustics of conch shells, bells and gongs in Hindu worship spaces.
1 Treasures of the sea--cast-metal turtles, starfish, conch shells and more--spice up coastal tables for less than $20.
The marchers, some blowing Hawaiian conch shells, others banging drums, stopped briefly at a statue of one of Hawaii s most revered kings.
I was in a sea of dhoti s and Dhakai saris, my senses swimming in the racket caused by conch shells, as the marriage took place in the line of vision of an ashtadhatu Durga and a priest who had been imported years back from a Kali temple from Delhi.
These extraordinary performers, when they weren't giggling, were coaxing sound from conch shells, elongated horns, bells, gongs and cymbals.
Her choker is made of very thin bone hair pipes and her ear rings and tops of her hair ties are conch shells trimmed in seed beads.
Acoustic scientists put their lips to ancient conch shells to figure out how humans used these trumpets 3.
The lights were dimmed for a while during the blowing of conch shells as drumbeats and fireworks showcased the great Indian journey.
They sat on museum shelves for years--skinny flutes made of bone and wood, dangling hoof tinklers conch shells fashioned into trumpets--with little more than short captions to tell their stories.
Musicians playing on "pututu", traditional instruments made out of conch shells, welcomed the first hordes of visitors to pass through the front gates.
The importing of conch shells is currently suspended while its rarity is examined after huge numbers were exported as souvenirs.