conceptual framework

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the basic structure about which something is formulated or built.
conceptual framework (theoretical framework) an organization or matrix of concepts that provides a focus for inquiry.

conceptual framework

a group of concepts that are broadly defined and systematically organized to provide a focus, a rationale, and a tool for the integration and interpretation of information. Usually expressed abstractly through word models, a conceptual framework is the conceptual basis for many theories, such as communication theory and general systems theory. Conceptual frameworks also provide a foundation and organization for the educational plan in schools of nursing.

con·cep·tu·al frame·work

(kŏn-sepchū-ăl frāmwŏrk)
Set of interrelated theories that form the basis for a research study.
Synonym(s): theoretical framework.
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Therefore, in cases where no guidance in the code addresses a particular situation, a member will now need to apply the conceptual framework approach to determine whether the relationship or circumstance may result in a violation of the applicable rule.
Endeavours to overcome car fuel shortages may take much more time, pound value may not return to normal immediately, and austerity measures needed for a long-term loan arrangement with the IMF may be painful to the middle class and the low income brackets, but a conceptual framework for a healthier political economy will be there in place to regulate the transition to a vibrant economy.
For additional background information, you can read "Why We Need a Conceptual Framework for Managerial Costing" in the October 2011 issue of Strategic Finance.
When the conceptual framework was changed at Point B, existing GAAP as we knew it changed directions and began a migration toward the new framework.
The other, "Preliminary Views on an Improved Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting: The Reporting Entity," sets out the boards' preliminary views on the reporting entity concept and related issues.
We propose a conceptual framework to describe the configurations of a host-pathogen community that may lead to disease emergence in a target host.
He criticizes efforts to impose western concepts on African ideas as well as efforts to understand African notions from western conceptual frameworks.
This conceptual framework is necessary due to "the absence of a liberal justice standard" in questions regarding migration laws (p.
Not only have the instruments, techniques, and procedures used for scientific research become similar, even the theoretical framework that governs each scientific discipline--as well as the entire enterprise of science--suffers from a monochromasia that has abolished all other conceptual frameworks.
We found a conceptual framework that supported the strategic vision and our tactical development in Innovation: The Missing Dimension, in which MIT professors Richard Lester and Michael Piore attempt to understand American corporate success in the 1990s.
Especially recommended reading for novice psychotherapists and students of psychotherapy wanting to learn more about dynamic psychotherapy, the emphasis is on the application of psychotherapy rather than psychotherapy's theoretical or conceptual framework.
For such a work it is easier to quote from the author: "My objective in the volume has been to develop a conceptual framework that integrates the biological, cognitive and social dimensions of life; a framework that enable us to adopt a systemic approach to some of the critical issues of our time.

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