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A device for making a substance stronger or purer.
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Because IP-optimized DSL concentrators aggregate Internet traffic separately from video traffic, providers can deploy them in much simpler networking configurations than ATM-based DSLAMs, and with less investment in upstream supporting equipment, including ATM switches and subscriber management systems.
Home Oxygen Concentrator Equipment Medicare Reimbursement - Home Medical Equipment Market, Home Health Care, Third-party reimbursement and Portable Oxygen Patients Need Stationary Oxygen Concentrator's at Night
Traffic from one office suite cannot pass to another via bridging, as the access concentrator controls access at the frame-relay or IP-switching level.
Chapter One Medical Oxygen Concentrator Industry Overview
Echelon's new data concentrator demonstrates our continued commitment to provide market-leading products by directly addressing the needs expressed by utilities and our value added reseller partners to reduce installation costs in advanced metering systems," said Jeff Lund, Echelon's vice-president of business development.
ENTECH concentrators utilize a two-axis tracker to follow the sun's position throughout the day, maximizing energy production.
Operating as a fully redundant pair, the Storage Concentrator i2000 replicates all storage metadata from the active Storage Concentrator to the standby unit to ensure that customer data is protected at all times.
Using the prolific Ethernet network infrastructure, Storage Concentrators consolidate SAN block data to move intelligence to the network core to allow easy management of storage assets, as well as interoperability and scalability, to substantially reduce the complexity and total cost of ownership of storage area networks (SANs).
Worldwide oxygen concentrator markets at $349 million in 2005 are anticipated to reach $1.
Bench Scale flotation results have demonstrated the amenability of oxide, supergene and sulphide ore to recovery within a standard flotation concentrator
The DigiBoard SBus system consists of a host adapter card that resides in the Sun host computer, attached to one or more DigiBoard C/CON-16 or EPC/CON-16 concentrator boxes.