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v to hide; secrete; withhold from the knowledge of others.
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The third way of concealing the theft of electricity is imposing the tariffs for industrial customers as for the domestic customers.
Under these circumstances, the observation of inappropriate clothing for existing weather conditions probably would not constitute a clear indicator that the person may be concealing a firearm because such behavior could be completely understandable.
A grandmother has been charged with two further counts of concealing the birth of a child following the discovery of remains earlier this year.
Razor blades hidden in tennis shoes, an artificial leg concealing a bayonet, and a handgun taped to the side of a similarly-shaped drill are among the weapons some passengers in the US have tried to carry on board flights recently.
The Concealed Weapons Vests from CampCo feature 21 pockets, many of them oversized for concealing firearms, ammo and other valuables.