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v to hide; secrete; withhold from the knowledge of others.
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The following product specifications set forth the quantity, quality, style, color, shape, construction, weight, and minimum protective performance of Concealable Bullet-Resistant Armor Systems (i.
Ballistics available in the Elite concealable carrier and the Alpha-1 tactical armor systems for both male and female officers
The result at 3-1/2" was not only one of most business-like looking revolvers ever produced it was also carried easily in a Tom Three persons-style holster under a suitcoat where it may not have been exceptionally comfortable but it was at least concealable.
They have appeared in court charged with exporting firearms without a licence, mailing concealable firearms without a licence and conspiracy.
They selected four groups that focus on mainstream interests (such as politics), four that concern culturally undesirable but conspicuous conditions (such as obesity), and four that focus on culturally "marginalized" but concealable behavior (homosexuality, illicit drug use, sexual bondage, and sexual spanking).
Body armor is manufactured in various strengths and is relatively lightweight and easily concealable.
However, PPSS Group has also just recently launched one of the world's thinnest, lightest and truly most exceptional concealable NIJ IIIA+ (NIJ 0101.
The soft concealable body armor as described herein shall be the NIJ Certified Models UG062XG and UG062XG-F, as manufactured by GH Armor Systems, a brand of Sentry Armor Systems Inc.
Bellybands are popular because they're easily concealable and go with any outfit," Payne said.
You'll need a holster of the same high quality as this pistol and what could be better than a Custom Exotic Concealable Galco holster made of alligator lined with horsehide?
The Los Angeles City Council gave preliminary approval Wednesday to measures that ban the sale of small, concealable handguns and that require fingerprinting of gun permit applicants.
LONDON -- "PPSS have now launched one of the lightest and thinnest NIJ Level IIIA+ bullet proof vests in order to offer those who protect and serve the best possible concealable protection" Robert Kaiser, their CEO states.