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Assuming negligible marginal cost, profit for Firm 1, which is concave (proof of concavity is provided in the appendix) in [q.
In early 70's, Levine [1,2] introduced the concavity method and established the global nonexistence results both for parabolic and hyperbolic equations.
Selected taphonomic attributes such as size, articulation and skeletal preservation, fragmentation, azimuthal orientation and concavity ratio, as well as abrasion (edge rounding) were documented.
The lorum is elongate and distinctly excavate, forming together with the gena striking lateral concavity beneath the eye.
In this section, some results on log convexity and concavity of double sequences are proved.
This functional form is attractive because it is a flexible functional form that retains its flexibility under global imposition of convexity and concavity in prices and endowments, respectively.
Further increase of the welding speed will cause excessive porosity but reduces the concavity of the welded joint.
Generalized concavity and Duality, Generalised concavity in optimization and Economics (Edited by S.
The new Amanda tottles, with an unmistakable Italian design, have a slight concavity at the top that gives elegant ergonomics to the pack, and allows more comfort when applying by the final consumer, said the company.
The state of concavity was more evident as the concentration of oregano essential oil increased in the edible films.
I(0)) > 0 does not depend on concavity of [psi].