concave mirror

con·cave mir·ror

a spheric reflecting surface that constitutes a segment of the interior of a sphere.
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It seems that India is looking at itself in a concave mirror and what it sees is too big.
It follows a fire in Linthwaite, when the concentration of the sun's rays by a magnifying concave mirror set a box of Christmas decorations alight.
One, Bracket 6, was hinged at right angles to the wall, as though a blank window or door, while the second, Bracket 7, was curled to create a concave mirror nestled inside a smaller open box frame.
On a hot autumn day, Greek actress Ino Menegaki, playing a high priestess, lit the torch in seconds as the sun's rays bounced off a concave mirror at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics, a ritual first established for the 1936 Berlin Games.
The two photodiodes are oriented relative to the entrance aperture so that the principal ray of incident radiation strikes each diode once at a 45[degrees] angle of incidence and then reflects from the concave mirror back onto the photodiodes in reverse order.
The image on a LCD panel is reflected by a mirror, then reflected again by a concave mirror to magnify it, and then reflected by the windshield so that the driver can see an image.
The 100metre-wide concave mirror, which would be designed from a million tonnes of metallic sodium, was to be part of a space station 5,1000 miles above Earth.
08 million (US$833,000) study, funded by the National Medical Research Council of Singapore, Tang and colleagues designed a large concave mirror, akin to those used in astronomical telescopes.
MGM Resorts' Vdara hotel has reflective, curving walls that act as a concave mirror, focusing the sun's rays onto sunbathers in the same way that a child might use a magnifying glass to torment ants.
Hubble is a reflecting telescope using a primary concave mirror and a secondary convex mirror.
In my paper, I describe a basic telescope made from cardboard mailing tubes, having a simple convex lens as objective and a concave mirror as eyepiece, which produces virtually undistorted images at x9 power.
In this assembly, the focussing is put into practice by adding a shiftable concave mirror, placed previous to the actual scanner system.