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Many of the clinical, administrative, and employee departments are led by young, computer-literate managers.
Environment minister Martin Cullen, right, unveiled the scheme, hailing it as a great development for Ireland's computer-literate population.
It is no secret why so many big players are angling to tap the rich information of the Internet and make it accessible to the portion of the population that is not computer-literate.
The CD-i system functions as an interactive information-dispensing vehicle that gives any consumer -- whether they're computer-literate or not -- immediate access to information," Mullarkey explained.
In today's computer-literate workplace, that can include a significant number of employees.
According to the National Office of Statistics, our 12million children are better educated and more computer-literate than previous years.
Computer usage has become much more broad-based and buyers are far more computer-literate and comfortable with making their own purchase decisions.
The contest aims to stimulate ideas from youths on improving Internet security and protecting computers from viruses or other cyber attacks, while encouraging a new generation of computer-literate citizens to develop good habits and stay safe online.
What a sign of the times that we're being cajoled into buying our frozen pizza and oven chips from Tesco to enable our kids to become computer-literate.
Fraim, is building a more enriched, computer-literate environment in the city's public schools thanks to a $100,000 grant from 3Com's Urban Challenge program.
As a complement to our educational reforms, we must guarantee that teachers are computer-literate - as familiar with a mouse and pad as they are with chalk and blackboard,'' Wilson said at a bill-signing ceremony in his office.

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