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If we can get people computer-literate, using laptops and blackberries, they will also be using our gear and making us money.
Now police are investigating the latest nightmare for parents with computer-literate kids.
The series is aimed at the "discerning" and will target adults and computer-literate teenagers who lack detailed knowledge of particular sectors of the internet and would like to learn more.
Eventually, the company hopes to replace keyboards, mice and joysticks, presumably with a generation of computer-literate mimes.
The company finds it particularly strange that such a computer-literate sector should be eschewing such applications.
Many of the clinical, administrative, and employee departments are led by young, computer-literate managers.
Because company managers were looking for a computer-literate chief financial officer and executive vice-president, they offered Cangemi the job.
The head of the Department of Justice's Computer Crime Section predicted a marked increase in the number of computer-literate criminals.
A computer-literate individual is a necessity for running the individual security consoles;
But then again, they would look sort of silly being outsmarted by your generic computer-literate 23-year-old.
eCare gives Legacy Software the flexibility to support an expansive network of users Co whether customers or sales prospects, the computer-literate or those not familiar with the Internet, PC or Mac users Co which helps to improve customer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce support costs," said Christopher Thompson, vice president of marketing at Netopia.
Environment minister Martin Cullen, right, unveiled the scheme, hailing it as a great development for Ireland's computer-literate population.

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