computer-based patient record

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computer-based patient record

Electronic medical record Health informatics A 'personal health library' providing access to all resources on a Pt's health history and insurance information

com·pu·ter-based pa·tient re·cord

(CPR) (kŏm-pyū'tĕr-bāst pā'shěnt rek'ŏrd)
Electronic health care record that integrates patient information into a database for accessibility; the CPR supports patient care, decision making, and research.
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Family practice educators' perceptions of computer-based patient records.
The computer-based patient records are included through composition into a hospital information system because their existence should be tied to the existence of containing systems (this does not exclude a migration or duplication to other systems).
It thus provides some evidence of the federal coordination that Detmer and Steen look to as essential to realizing the goal of an effective national computer-based patient record system.
3M Health Information Systems is the international leader in clinical information management, with products ranging from medical records coding systems to a comprehensive computer-based patient record system.
Our department of family medicine offers a monthly symposium, "The Computer-Based Patient Record as a Continuous Quality Improvement Tool," for this purpose.
This revised edition of the original report by the Institute of Medicine called for the routine use of computer-based patient records in the United States.
The AHLTA electronic health record system provides a comprehensive, networked, and life- long computer-based patient record system that can be accessed around the globe.
Ready or not, many provider organizations are being pulled into the next big investment for healthcare information systems, the computer-based patient record system.
Schleyer summarizes survey results that focus on dental practitioners' experience with a computer-based patient record system, and compares four popular computer-based patient records against a composite of ten dental records from a variety of sources.
Aetna is spending a couple hundred million dollars on a computer-based patient record and network architecture to link doctors' offices into a more cohesive provider organization than you'd think they would spend or invest if they were simply processing claims.
Although a majority of physicians and administrators understand the benefits associated with installing a computer-based patient record system (CPR), there are important issues to consider when evaluating a CPR:
Today, we can hear about a new computer-based patient record one minute, and the next be operating a demonstration version of it over the Web.

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