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com·put·er mod·el

a mathematical representation of the functioning of a system, presented in the form of a computer program.
Synonym(s): computer simulation
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Computer simulations have the capability of capturing the action of a flowing melt every 1/20 of a second.
We are very pleased that Computer Simulation Technology has chosen MeshSim for improving their mesh generation tools," said Joe Walsh, Simmetrix Vice President of Business Development.
Using only that characteristic is controversial, Farid concedes, but CORE arrives at the same answers as other, lengthier computer simulations.
Computer simulations taking into account the structure's geometry, the mass of its parts, the slope angle, the force of gravity, and other factors, however, failed to generate stable walking.
This paper offers an inferential conception of computer simulations, emphasizing the role that simulations play as inferential devices to represent empirical phenomena.
Previous computer simulations were unable to produce the amount of ice that geological records suggest existed at that time because neighbouring East Antarctica alone could not support it.
Interestingly, the way the computer simulation did not allow you to make a mistake was considered a disadvantage by four participants, who stated that they needed to make mistakes in order to learn.
Once ESPN airs the computer simulation, Dixon's promoters can't resist.
The third edition of this undergraduate textbook continues to focus on teaching and learning physics concepts and their applications through computer simulations but has converted the simulations to the popular programming language Java.
Computer simulations of uncertain reliability indicate that by 2100 the globally averaged surface temperature will rise approximately 2.
When data is chosen, its label is given based on additional experimentation, or from prepared learning databases in the case of computer simulation.
Using the computer simulation to show the different casting scenarios saves the engineer and the diecasting facility time, money and energy because they can identify potential issues before die tools are cut.
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