computer model

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com·put·er mod·el

a mathematical representation of the functioning of a system, presented in the form of a computer program.
Synonym(s): computer simulation
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In addition to being a tool for scientific inquiry, computer models can also provide students the opportunity to work collaboratively and across disciplines.
The fine-scale data that AUVs can gather could enable researchers to create more-detailed computer models as well as to verify or fine-tune the results from existing ones, researchers say.
Alternatives to animal research, such as computer models, can supplement but not replace the need to test treatments on living organisms.
One discrepancy: his computer model was able to lean forward 12 degrees without lifting its heels, while real people were only able to lean two-thirds as much -- 8 degrees.
The new computer model, developed by Saunders and his colleague Adam S.
Scans were made from dozens of different orientations to get enough information to convert them into a highly detailed three-dimensional computer model.
Detailed conditions (including a computer model of the site on disk) and entry forms are available from The Librarian, Property Services Department, 329 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1PN for [pounds]50.
Being able to breathe life into a drawing or a computer model at Pixar, they feel, is the same thing,'' says Walsh, 25.
Using Autocad, Eisenman has translated the Form Z model of harmonic folds into construction documents which include both conventional drawings and a complex three-dimensional computer model and database for the buildings.
As part of this study, a computer model was developed using the Lima site specific data to predict the future containment of wastes.
5B Velocity output from coextrusion computer model.
On the basis of his computer model, he made predictions of significant temperature rises in the future with what he called 99 percent certainty.

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