compressive myelopathy

com·pres·sive my·e·lop·a·thy

destruction of spinal cord tissue caused by pressure from neoplasms, hematomas, or other masses.
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Obviously, in order for cord compressive myelopathy to be present, there must be, at a minimum, physical indentation of the spinal cord.
There is limited evidence to suggest the combination of intermittent cervical traction and thoracic spine manipulation is beneficial for individuals with grade 1 cervical compressive myelopathy attributed to herniated disc.
Cervical cord compressive myelopathy in a man with a primary complaint of knee pain.
A Pragmatic neurological screen for patients with suspected cord compressive myelopathy.
Increased signal intensity of the spinal cord onmagnetic resonance images in cervical compressive myelopathy.
There was a significant intra-spinal component causing a compressive myelopathy of the cervical spine (Fig.
A 35-year-old nonsmoking, nonalcoholic man presented to the neurology office with a 3-month history of signs and symptoms of compressive myelopathy.