compressive force

com·pres·sive force

(kŏm-presiv fōrs)
A force that squeezes an object's surfaces together and causes its mass to bulge.
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Remember, the screw in the compression section is a double-spiral wedge driven by the full torque of the extruder drive, giving it enormous compressive force.
Quantity: Lot 1: Catheter: 1 piece Lot 2: cable: 2 pieces Kihelyezendo consignment levels 1pc, 2 pcs Part 1, Subpart 2 can display, tissue compressive force with a magnetic sensor based on a spring force measurement irrigated tip catheter Quantity: Lot 3: Catheter: 70 pc Lot 4: cable: 12 5.
6] presented the paper on finite element analysis of CFST columns subjected to an axial compressive force and bending moment in combination.
It is known that the compressive force is one of the main factors shaping the nature of the contact interaction.
The secondary purpose was to estimate the spinal compressive force for selected static postures in vertical dance using a musculoskeletal model.
During the midstance phase of the gait cycle, contraction of the tensor fascia latae and gluteus maximus muscles create a compressive force that is transmitted through the length of the entire femur that prevents it from bending with the application of ground-reactive forces during midstance.
U9C force transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive force while C9C force transducers can be used to measure static and dynamic compressive force.
The bearing capacity of the installed pile (Adejumo, Boiko 2013) can be verified by applying one of the following methods: by applying the static pile test (ASTM D1143/D1143M-07 2007), dynamic pile test (ASTM D4945-08 2008) or the Standard Test Method for Axial Compressive Force Pulse Testing of Deep Foundations (rapid) (ASTM D7383-10 2010).
Another factor to be kept in mind when considering polymer-lined flanges is "creep relaxation," the tendency of the material to flow perpendicularly to the compressive force and not to be confused with compressibility or conformability.
virginica shells would be more resistant to fracture and indentation, and thus harder and able to withstand a higher compressive force than C.
The study found that participants in the diet and exercise and diet groups had greater reductions in Interleukin 6 (a measure of inflammation) levels than those in the exercise group, and those in the diet group had greater reductions in knee compressive force than those in the exercise group.
Tension rods apply compressive force based on Hooke's Law, where force is the product of the spring constant and the amount of rod pre-stretch.