compressed gas cylinders

compressed gas cylinders, the color-coded storage cylinders containing either nitrous oxide (light blue) or oxygen (green or white) under pressure; used in controlled combination to induce conscious sedation.
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Tenders invited for Painting of various types of departmental compressed gas cylinders and replacement of cylinder guards.
Most mobile surgical units deploy with E size compressed gas cylinders, which weigh on average 8 pounds empty.
Engineers thus avoid the need to carry compressed gas cylinders.
On October 3, 2013, KDHE seized and secured the lab facility, which was found to contain numerous hazardous materials and substances, including compressed gas cylinders and deteriorated containers of various chemicals.
He pointed out that some of the unsafe practices in homes include leaving burning incense wood in the direct line of air conditioners, leaving candles lit while sleeping, storing compressed gas cylinders under direct sun light and leaving burning coal on the barbeque while it is switched on.
Romorini, who has commemorated in 3-dimensional art the stories of American Chemical Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Marriott International, Oprah Winfrey and USA Today, among others, designed CGA's 100th anniversary art with a unique custom base bordered by compressed gas cylinders.
The cars are propelled by compressed gas cylinders and will be raced against designs from other schools.
almost all accidents involving compressed gases result from not following established methods for the safe handling and transportation of compressed gas cylinders.
SAFETY AND HEALTH With this system the end user can eliminate the use of compressed gas cylinders and the possibility of explosion.
Compressed gas cylinders not stowed with Grade B shock-mounting requirements, and oxygen and acetylene stowed next to each other.

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