comprehensive dental care

com·pre·hen·sive den·tal care

(komprē-hensiv dentăl kār)
Concept that includes not only traditional treatment of dental disease but also prevention and early detection.

comprehensive dental care,

n the coordinated delivery of the total dental care required or requested by the patient.
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Contract awarded for Licitacion 303-15, Comprehensive Dental Care
McManus was recently appointed the Executive Director of Columbia's Community DentCare Program, which offers comprehensive dental care to children ages three to five through eight school-based dental clinics and a Mobile Dental Center van that visits more than 80 locations throughout Northern Manhattan and the Bronx.
com)-- Specializing in preventative and urgent care and related comprehensive dental care services in Mississauga, Dentistry @ 5306 Creditview is excited to announce that it has extended office hours to accommodate people's busy schedules.
Cooney, who was on sabbatical at the time of Kidseal's inception, to design a program that would give Worcester's most socioeconomically challenged young students an opportunity to receive comprehensive dental care.
Once patients complete the physical examination, they are scheduled in groups to receive no-cost, comprehensive dental care at the Esther Wilkins Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene.
The new centres will ease the pressure on the other hospitals in the respective areas and also provide comprehensive dental care for patients who hail from those areas," Al-Rafee said.
Through DDS and other programs, the organization provides comprehensive dental care to people who are disabled, elderly or medically at-risk through its nationwide network of 15,000 dentists and 3,000 laboratories.
com, the UK's Most Comprehensive Dental Care Comparison Website Launches on Monday 17th of May
Its services include comprehensive dental care for uninsured and underinsured children and children with medical, physical, or developmental disabilities.
Withhuge numbers ofWelshchildren growing up suffering from tooth decay, we could be forgiven for thinking that we had gone back in time to the days before comprehensive dental care when it was common to see adults and children with blackened teeth and widespread decay.
We aim to provide comprehensive dental care for those patients that value knowing what is wrong with their teeth, addressing the problems, restoring the smile and function and literally turning the clock back 20 years"
Conclusions: There was a low restorative care index in both the primary and permanent dentitions indicating that high needs continue to exist in terms of comprehensive dental care for these Irish children.
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