comprehensive dental care

com·pre·hen·sive den·tal care

(komprē-hensiv dentăl kār)
Concept that includes not only traditional treatment of dental disease but also prevention and early detection.

comprehensive dental care,

n the coordinated delivery of the total dental care required or requested by the patient.
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A comprehensive dental care plan focusing on overall dental health with an emphasis on cosmetic improvements is the key to satisfying this need.
The 50,000-square foot dental clinic will offer high quality and comprehensive dental care.
Special olympic athletes may experience significant barrier in accessing comprehensive dental care.
Our focus used to be on procedures and comprehensive dental care was lacking.
WestPark offers comprehensive dental care for the entire family, including the latest techniques in cosmetic and general dentistry to enhance patients' smiles and improve their overall oral health.
Cooney, who was on sabbatical at the time of Kidseal's inception, to design a program that would give Worcester's most socioeconomically challenged young students an opportunity to receive comprehensive dental care.
are participating in a pilot program that's bringing comprehensive dental care to over 1,200 students for free, reported the Sonoma County Gazette.
Targeting of early visits and intensive, comprehensive dental care for high-risk groups.
Once patients complete the physical examination, they are scheduled in groups to receive no-cost, comprehensive dental care at the Esther Wilkins Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene.
The new centres will ease the pressure on the other hospitals in the respective areas and also provide comprehensive dental care for patients who hail from those areas," Al-Rafee said.
Its services include comprehensive dental care for uninsured and underinsured children and children with medical, physical, or developmental disabilities.
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