comprehensive approach

comprehensive approach,

n medical philosophy that considers multidimensional factors in disease and emphasizes quality of life or wellness by addressing the emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of a patient.
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There has got to be a much more comprehensive approach tackling the problem much further back.
According to Minister Pinder, the new initiatives are aimed at the re-creation of the Ministry of Financial Services; the rebranding of The Bahamas as a full business services centre; a comprehensive approach to increasing the competitiveness of The Bahamas as a business centre; a comprehensive approach to business friendly immigration policy; a comprehensive approach to innovation management; a focus on new geographic markets and new sectors and leveraging The Bahamas sovereignty as an asset.
The EU's comprehensive approach to crisis management; premises, ambitions, limits.
Alexander Langmuir has made enormous contributions to this area, which we fully respect, We further agree that a more comprehensive approach would have required far more space than allotted for these types of commentaries.
Business groups, religious leaders and immigrant rights supporters endorsed a comprehensive approach favored by President Bush, which has broad-based support in the Senate.
Although such practices are significant, sustainability requires a more comprehensive approach.
LifeKnowledge is a comprehensive approach to leadership training created by the National FFA Organization in its quest to make a positive difference in the lives of all students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.
He feels that the sales tax is a comprehensive approach,'' said Hahn spokeswoman Elizabeth Kaltman.
Commission on Ocean Policy agree that a more comprehensive approach to marine management is needed.
The following are the essential components of a comprehensive approach to address the safe and responsible use of the Internet.
The problem comprises many issues and requires a comprehensive approach, involving leadership, recruitment screening, policies and procedures, training, and violation investigation and response.
The book's author, Michael Crawford, CPA, and members of the AICPA's Government and Not-for-Profit Performance Improvement Task Force have combined their knowledge and insight to develop a comprehensive approach for improving internal operations complete with valuable practice aids.

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