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The act of combining parts to form a whole.
[L. compono, to put together]


Combining pharmacologically active agents at a pharmacy; mixing or preparing a single active agent at a pharmacy for use by an individual patient.


Pharmacies that compound drugs are regulated by state and local boards of pharmacy, not by the FDA.


the annual addition of earned interest to a capital sum of borrowed or loaned money at the existing market interest rate, including the interest earned by the accumulated interest; calculated future value of an existing capital sum.
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On the other hand, consider using certain special compounding additives such as PPA-790, which might reduce mold fouling in certain situations (ref.
The term bloom is commonly used to describe the surface exudation or separation of certain compounding ingredients in either the uncured or cured state causing appearance problems.
Davis-Standard sources say one of the fastest-growing areas of compounding is using corotating twins for direct extrusion of finished goods without a pelletizing step.
New models include a 25-mm corotating twin-screw, a 20-mm twin-screw with clam-shell opening, the D62 Compounder, and a 42-mm parallel counter-rotating twin-screw with 7:1 L/D, designed for masterbatches and color compounding.
At that time, three other PolyOne PVC compounding operations will be permanently shuttered.
Our library of over a thousand proprietary formulas allows Biltrite Industries to provide you with a tidl range of technical compounding services the result of which produces compounds that are used in a wide range of applications worldwide.
These process stages may consist of any combination of the following: Receiving of raw polymers and compounding ingredients, storage; first pass mix; second pass mix: calendering; cold feed or hot feed extrusion; compression, transfer or injection molding; and continuous vulcanization or autoclave curing, etc.
These companies developed their own expertise in compounding and molding of magnets, and they keep their secrets close to the vest.
Day one of the course will include discussions on the course objectives, an introduction to compounding, and information on compounding EPDM elastomer, fluoroelastomer, polychloroprene elastomer and chlorosulfonated polyethylene elastomer.
Two wire and cable compounding businesses recently changed hands: