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Magnifying devices range from simple, inexpensive hand lenses to large compound microscopes with video cameras and image analysis software.
The original stereomicroscope design (still in use) consists of two parallel compound microscopes side by side and often is called a Greenough microscope named after its inventor.
Compound microscopes are available in a bewildering range of models with numerous accessories.
Addressing scientists directly, she explains how to design and execute effective images using stereomicroscopes, compound microscopes, and scanning electron microscopes on materials big and small.
He used a simple microscope, although compound microscopes were available at the time.
The Swift M2000DF series of intermediate compound microscopes for secondary schools now includes the M2000DFDV.
Within this segment, compound microscopes and stereomicroscopes are the two major product segments, either of which can be augmented by digital cameras for image capture.
Product description: Leica Microsystems will exhibit complete solutions, ranging from stereomicroscopes to high-resolution compound microscopes.
The microscope market is dominated by classical light microscopy using compound microscopes.
Objectives for microscopes, binocular light compound microscopes
Contract Value: PAB binocular light compound microscopes