compound character

com·pound char·ac·ter

an inherited character dependent on two or more distinct genes.
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In their dual or compound character, the people were capable of acting as a "whole people" for national purposes in the government of the Union, and as a state people for particular purposes in their state government.
Designed at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and known as Fly's Eye I and II, the multi-mirror arrays, which can operate only on dark, moonless nights, emulate the compound character of insect eyes.
Simple characters are made up of spatial arrangement of strokes and compound characters are made up of combination of simple characters (radicals) that are arranged in a square pattern to form a word.
In Latin, diacritics are used to add new compound characters to represent sounds.
In addition to this, Devanagari alphabet set also consists of some compound characters which are formed by combining two characters.