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Ivanhoe was highly successful upon its appearance, and may be said to have procured for its author the freedom of the Rules, since he has ever since been permitted to exercise his powers of fictitious composition in England, as well as Scotland.
In this, I respectfully contend, I have in no respect exceeded the fair license due to the author of a fictitious composition.
It follows, therefore, that of the materials which an author has to use in a romance, or fictitious composition, such as I have ventured to attempt, he will find that a great proportion, both of language and manners, is as proper to the present time as to those in which he has laid his time of action.
I admit," replied the president, "that this composition has yielded excellent results, but in the present case it would be too expensive, and very difficult to work.
He says in a letter to me: "You can have no idea of the vehemence of such composition," and in "Ecce Homo" (autumn 1888) he describes as follows with passionate enthusiasm the incomparable mood in which he created Zarathustra:--
The composition of the fourth part alone was broken by occasional interruptions.
One of the compositions seemed to show properties characteristic of superconductivity at a high temperature.
This patent will cover compositions and methods of use of the company's investigational agent, amonafide (Quinamed(R)), to improve or "chemopotentiate" the anti-cancer effects of common chemotherapeutics, including cisplatin, paclitaxel, vinblastine and camptothecin.
Joseph Banowitz is the editor of this series and performs all the compositions on five CDs included with the respective book.
5 to 30 micrometers; and curing the under-coat and over-coat compositions in combined or separate cure steps to provide a hardened film on the metal substrate that includes the under-coat and over-coat compositions, wherein the under-coat composition can optionally be at least partially cured prior to application of the overcoat composition; wherein the undercoat and over-coat compositions are substantially free of mobile BPA, BPF, BADGE and BFDGE.
The composition is obtained by mixing two compositions prior to application onto hair.
An innovator, his early compositions remain contemporary.