component of complement

com·po·nent of com·ple·ment (C),

any one of the nine distinct protein units designated C1 through C9. See: complement.
See also: complement pathways.

com·po·nent of com·ple·ment

(C) (kŏm-pō'nĕnt kom'plĕ-mĕnt)
Any one of the nine distinct protein units (designated C1-C9) that effect the immunologic activities associated with complement.
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A novel role of complement: mice deficient in the fifth component of complement (C5) exhibit impaired liver regeneration.
C3a and C3b activation products of the third component of complement (C3) are critical for normal liver recovery after toxic injury.
Deficiency of the sixth component of complement and susceptibility to Neisseria meningitidis infections.
Dr Nester noted that currently available complement inhibitors are only active against the C5 component of complement and are predicted to have little effect in DDD patients.
In addition to surfactants A and D, C1q protein, the first component of complement, also known as defense collagen because of its involvement in the immunomodulation of inflammatory and allergic responses of the lung, contains 4-hydroxyproline in its collagen domain (Lu et al.
Selective accumulation of the first component of complement and leukocytes in ischemic canine heart muscle.
Edelson believes the third component of complement (C3) is reponsible for getting leishmania into the cell and decreasing the effects of respiratory burst once there.
This repeated unit closely resembles an amino acid sequence, which appears only once, in the human blood plasma molecule called the C9 component of complement.

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