compliance plan

com·pli·ance plan

(kŏm-plī'ăns plan)
A program set up by a health care provider to ensure compliance with regulations regarding coding and billing to prevent fraud and abuse.
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Super Micro Computer announced that on February 28,2018 it had submitted a revised compliance plan to The Nasdaq Stock Market.
OLYMPIA -- Citing numerous violations, Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has fined Dental Health Services $300,000 and ordered it to develop a compliance plan to resolve consumer concerns, according to a September news release issued by his office.
If the compliance plan is accepted, Nasdaq may grant Synchronoss an extension of up to 180 calendar days from the Form 10-Q's due date, or until November 6, 2017, to regain compliance.
The assessment tool is composed of detailed questions that assess advisors' understanding of the rule and its exemptions, gauge the extent to which they will need to change their compensation structure, and determine whether they have begun the process of developing a compliance plan.
has submitted its 2015 Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Report and 2016 Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan to the Missouri PSC.
But some utilities have said they hope the Lone Star State eventually will devise a compliance plan to meet the new requirements to avoid being slapped with a mystery plan devised by the EPA and to bolster regulatory certainty.
222-50, must be flowed down to all subcontractors, and contracts performed outside the United States of more than $500,000 will now require a compliance plan and annual certifications of compliance.
However, it also generally makes a "voluntary" contribution toward defraying the nation debt, promises to never do what it wasn't charged with again, and usually is placed under reporting conditions and a compliance plan.
The ability to carry out the compliance testing required by the USB Charging Port Compliance Plan, including tests on charging ports, portable decices, and accessory charger adapters.
Implementation of a compliance plan includes conducting the activities described in the plan and developing comprehensive written procedures for activities referenced in the plan.
A records management compliance plan is a mechanism that enables a records manager to establish metrics and measurement criteria to gauge compliance with records management policies and procedures.
A compliance plan is a set of documents that helps guide businesses/agencies in their efforts to operate in accordance with various governmental legal requirements.
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