complex locus

com·plex lo·cus

a set of closely linked genetic loci with a common function, as in the major histocompatibility complex locus.
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In this project proposal, we will further characterize this complex locus, employing next generation sequencing, together with bioinformatics and functional analysis of disease candidate resistance genes (CRGs): (1) we will sequence the resistance locus in Geneva and identify CRGs that are polymorphic (presence/absence, or sequence polymorphism) between the resistant Geneva and the susceptible GD; (2) we will clone each CRG with its native promoter, terminator and introns; and (3) transform susceptible lines with the individual CRGs to evaluate their effect on the level of disease resistance and its race-specific spectrum.
Meanwhile, uneven development is also dynamic--it is not only reflected in China's economic takeoff but also stimulates contemporary Chinese writers, filmmakers, and intellectuals to think and produce, and shapes "a highly complex locus where the unevenness stages its historical performances in postsocialist China" (31).
In addition, this experimental setup was designed to assess the efficiency of excision of the marked (lox-flanked) gene from complex locus generated by cobombardment of two separate plasmids, and fate of the cotransformed unmarked gene after Cre/++ lox recombination in the locus.
The data presented here suggests that (i) high efficiency of somatic and germline excision were mediated by Cre/lox system; (ii) all copies of both lox-flanked gene and unmarked gene may be deleted from complex locus generated by cobombardment of two separate plasmids; (iii) the excised DNA does not apparently reintegrate into the genome.
5] Human genes: H19, H19, imprinted maternally expressed transcript {non-protein coding); KCNQ10T1, KCNQ1 opposite strand/antisense transcript 1 {non-protein coding); MEST, mesoderm specific transcript; GNAS, GNAS complex locus.
Genetic and physical mapping of the soybean Rpgl-b disease resistance gene reveals a complex locus containing several tightly linked families of NBS/LRR genes.
The first complex locus involved an RGA probe that detected multiple RFLPs, some of which were linked.
The second type of complex locus was characterized by a clones that mapped in close proximity to each other and appeared to represent an R-gene complex.
A novel complex locus UGT1 encodes human bilirubin, phenol, and other UDP-glucuronosyl-transferase isoenzymes with identical carboxyl termini.
2] locus is a smaller part of the complex locus [Pl.
6] (providing resistance to all downy mildew races, so far) or to be a part of this complex locus (Vear et al.
To determine whether the QTL on C2 was identified as an SDS-resistance QTL in error or as a complex locus will require additional field studies.
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