complete hysterectomy

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complete hysterectomy

Total hysterectomy Gynecology Complete surgical removal of the uterus and cervix, but not the adnexae–ovaries and fallopian tubes. See TAH-BSO.

com·plete hy·ster·ec·to·my

(kŏm-plēt histĕr-ektŏ-mē)
Surgical excision of the uterus and cervix.
Synonym(s): total hysterectomy.
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He told her that he too would recommend a complete hysterectomy.
When she told me about the recommendation for a complete hysterectomy, I was a bit surprised.
While these findings may bring forward a new perspective in how younger women who have undergone a complete hysterectomy may be treated with hormone therapy, it's important to understand that this study addresses a very select population, according to Leslie Cho, MD, Director of Cleveland Clinic's Women's Cardiovascular Center.
This study is talking exclusively about women who have undergone a complete hysterectomy between the ages of 50 to 59.
In this extraordinary Kentucky case, the courts were confront with the issue of whether or not a patient had, in fact, given consent to undergo a complete hysterectomy including the removal of her uterus and ovaries.
In addition, screening can be discontinued in women who have had a complete hysterectomy for benign disease or three consecutive normal Pap smears with no previous abnormal smears and no new exposure to human papillomavirus, he said.
Some women who had a complete hysterectomy with removal of the cervix have found there was a significant loss in their capacity for orgasm.

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