complete heart block

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complete heart block (CHB)

Etymology: L, complere, to fill up; Gk, kardia, heart; OFr, bloc
total failure of impulses to be conducted from the atria to the ventricles. It causes the atria and ventricles to beat independently. It requires the use of a pacemaker to maintain a normal heart rate. Also called third-degree AV heart block.

complete heart block

A condition in which there is a complete dissociation between atrial and ventricular systoles. Ventricles may beat from their own pacemakers at a rate of 30 to 40 beats per minute while atria beat independently. Synonym: third-degree heart block
See also: heart block

heart block

impairment of conduction in heart excitation; often applied specifically to atrioventricular heart block.
When isolated impulses from the atria fail to reach the ventricles, heartbeats are missed and the block is called incomplete. When no impulses reach the ventricles from the atria the heart block is complete, with the result that the atria and the ventricles beat at separate rates. In this case the beats remain regular but the rate of the ventricular beats is greatly slowed down.

atrioventricular (A-V) heart block
a form in which the blocking is at the atrioventricular junction. It is first degree when A-V conduction time is prolonged; second degree (partial heart block) when some but not all atrial impulses reach the ventricle; third degree (complete heart block) when no atrial impulses at all reach the ventricle, and the atria and ventricles act independently of each other.
bundle-branch heart block
a form in which one ventricle is excited before the other because of absence of conduction in one of the branches of the bundle of His.
complete heart block
see atrioventricular heart block (above).
fascicular heart block
one originating on one of the two divisions of the left bundle branch. See also hemiblock.
interventricular heart block
bundle-branch heart block.
Mobitz heart block b's
variations of second-degree heart blocks. See also wenckebach's phenomenon.
sinoatrial heart block
partial or complete impairment of conduction from the sinoatrial node to the atria, resulting in delay or absence of an atrial beat.
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Electrocardiography displayed a new complete heart block with a narrow-complex junctional escape rhythm of 60 beats per minute.
When type 1 AV block occurs with bifascicular block, however, the risk of progression to complete heart block is significantly increased because of probable infranodal disease.
His heart rate in the emergency department was about 30 beats per minute, and an electrocardiogram showed intermittent complete heart block (Figure 1).
The surgical implant, which occurred in a 56 year old patient suffering from complete heart block, took place on December 20, 1994, at a medical center in Pennsylvania.
Postoperative complete heart block is often seen with operations involving the interventricular septum such as ventricular septal defects and atrioventricular canal defects.
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She was found to have complete heart block, and a pacemaker was inserted.
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Electrocardiography demonstrated complete heart block with ST segment elevation in leads I, aVL, V1-V6 (Fig.
A previous evaluation had not revealed any abnormality other than the arrhythmia, and the patient was presumed to have congenital complete heart block.

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