complementary role

com·ple·men·ta·ry role

a role in which the behavior pattern conforms with the expectations and demands of other people.
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Devance played the complementary role to another all-around showing from Scottie Thompson, who flirted at a triple-double before ending the evening with 14 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists.
Adeniyi, who said this in an exclusive with the Nigerian Tribune recently, in Lagos, acknowledged the increasing popularity of the new media, especially the social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others, in the nation's media space, but noted those platforms would rather play a complementary role to the traditional media, rather than sending it to oblivion.
While expounding on the ICC being a court of last resort, Muigai said it ought to play a complementary role to national and regional institutions.
The African Standard played a complementary role to the colonial government of the day to a point the Editor-in-Chief, one W.
The visit aimed to explain to the government officials about the wetlands and their complementary role in the treatment of wastewater, which basically aims to protect groundwater from pollution and conserve it through the production of treated wastewater.
QNA Doha Qatar is close to achieving food self-sufficiency as all sectors are operating at a rapid pace since the beginning of the unjust siege, with the focus on alternatives and solutions during the crisis, Executive Vice President of Hassad Food Company Ali bin Hilal al Kuwari has said In an interview with a local Arabic daily published on Monday, Kuwari said that internal and external investments of Hassad, which is a pioneering company in investment in agriculture and livestock sectors, and the complementary role it played with the private sector, all contributed from the first day of the siege until now to achieve food security in the country.
Minister of Housing and Acting Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly said the government is not a competitor to the private sector in real estate, but it seeks to play a complementary role to meet the needs of the market.
Fujairah Terminals is expected to play a complementary role in maritime shipping activities at Khalifa Port and Zayed Port.
We believe that MBRSC as a scientific and research centre specialised in space and advanced technology and higher education institutions have a complementary role to build capabilities and develop human resources and research activities in space science," Al Shaibani concluded.
Military sources believe that the army's upcoming operation in Dara'a will play a complementary role for the pro-government operations against ISIL militants in Sweida towards the desert of Syria.
Purely, we have a complementary role to play," he said.
Not every finance director - or chief finance officer (CFO) as they are increasingly called - wants to become the chief executive, in fact in many of the best senior management teams the finance director plays a unique and complementary role to the CEO.
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