complementary and integrative medicine

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com·ple·men·ta·ry and in·teg·ra·tive med·i·cine

(CIM) (komplĕ-men-tăr-ĕ inte-grātiv medi-sĭn)
An approach to health care using both allopathic and alternative approaches to maximize benefit to the patient.
See also: alternative medicine, complementary medicine
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Matthew holds an adjunct position with the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the University of Technology Sydney and is a fellow of the ARCCIM International Complementary Medicine Leadership Program.
Section 1explains the fundamentals of complementary and integrative medicine and how it differs from conventional medicine.
Kemper is a nationally recognized authority on complementary and integrative medicine, who last year received the inaugural IPC Leadership Award from the Integrative Pediatrics Council.
Up to 80 percent of American cancer patients supplement their conventional treatments with complementary and integrative medicines.
Dr Amie Steel: Dr Steel is Associate Director Research at Endeavour College of Natural Health and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine, University of Technology Sydney.
By and large, as I have written elsewhere, complementary and integrative medicine mainly did not show up on the national stage.
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