complement system

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com·ple·ment sys·tem

a group of more than 20 serum proteins, some of which can be serially activated and participate in a cascade resulting in cell lysis; the complement system also functions in chemotaxis, opsonization, and phagocytosis.
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The complement system consists of about 30 soluble and membrane bound proteins, and is activated by 3 distinct pathways either on pathogen surface or in plasma.
The complement system affects liver function and process of liver cirrhosis and eliminates virus-infected and cancer cells as well.
The role of complement system in adipose tissue-related inflammation.
The serum contain the complement system, the complement system is a pivotal created of the immune system in keeping the steward from infection via many pathogenic agents [10].
True North's antibody drug development is focused on the treatment of certain rare diseases mediated by the Complement system in hematology, transplantation, and dermatology.
3 - change resolves complement system cdp prerov additions to the eoc
Eculizumab is a monoclonal antibody that inhibits activation of the complement system, thus rendering patients vulnerable to infection with encapsulated organisms such as N.
Initial alterations in venular permeability due to the release of vasoactive amines from platelets, basophils, and mast cells facilitate the deposition of immune complexes and these may activate the complement system or may interact directly with Fc receptors on endothelial cell membranes.
The alternative pathway of complement system activation [17] and oxidative stress [18] are also considered noteworthy participants in SLE pathogenesis.

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