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But Bukhari did not accept it, Gierran said, as he tried to convince the complainant to come back to him.
Jurors heard at this point the complainant texted a friend saying: "Help, I think something might happen.
Jurors heard at this point the complainant texted a friend, saying: "Help, I think something might happen.
The complainant replied: "I have never had sexual services from her.
At any time a "yes" can be made into a "no" by the complainant telling (by word or deed) the accused exactly that.
The complainant had never suggested to him that anything had occurred between him and Anglesea.
Moreover, the testimonies from 12 out of the 64 complainants in the case have a lot of similarities, a situation which is found unusual by lawyer Fikret Duran who represents Karaca.
Complainant considered defendant was not in a state to travel and refused him admission.
The complainant attempted to brush away the phone, and the passenger accused the complainant of assault, which he denied.
The Complainant enjoys substantial goodwill and reputation in its CAT mark.
The Complainant and other owners submitted two proposals to the Respondent with the intent of saving the association money, but did not hear back from the AMO Firm.
It identified the complainant as the former partner of Gary Dobson and included the name and age of their son, who was under sixteen.