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n a computer program that translates a high-level language program into a corresponding machine instruction. The program that results from compiling is a translated and expanded version of the original program.
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16 says the accountant is not obligated to compile financial statements he or she has not generated or materially modified.
Because it is incorporated into our existing IT infrastructure, the lawful intercept features of CommuniGate Pro allow our organization to achieve compliance with these requirements and to efficiently compile and report requested information without costly technology investments or the need for additional human resources.
Hammer compiles a design at a rate of 10 to 50 Million RTL gate-equivalent designs in as little as one hour on a single workstation vs.
Building on this emulation object linking technology, the RCC Model Compiler compiles design blocks into pre-compiled models to Axis' patented ReConfigurable Computing (RCC) technology through its Xtreme(R) family of emulator products.
Each quarter, Affinity compiles the information and produces its National Fraud Activity Report.
Hammer compiles 10 Million RTL gate-equivalent in as little as one hour vs.