competing risk

com·pet·ing risk

an event that removes a subject from being at risk for an outcome under investigation.
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How can we evaluate competing risk data in group sequential trials?
Among them is the Fine-Gray competing risk model, which incorporates the influence of those risks in the survival estimate (7).
They used competing risk methodology to derive the cumulative incidence of fatal cardiac events.
Furthermore, we performed competing risk modeling on the basis of standard Cox regression models introduced by Lunn and McNeil (21) and described in detail later (22) for the crude models.
And CABG's impact on all-cause mortality was diminished in older STICH participants because of their greater comorbidity burden and the competing risk of noncardiovascular death, he added.
Figure 1 shows the estimated cumulative incidence curves with earlier biochemical recurrence as the competing risk.
After taking into account alternative explanations and competing risk factors, we concluded unequivocally that the freer an economy, the fatter its people.
We used this approach to determine the bivariate relationship between each predisposing, enabling, and need characteristic and nursing-home placement in the presence of death as a competing risk (Exhibit 1).
Research evaluating technical innovations to increase prosthesis longevity should recognize the competing risk of mortality.
A director with a competing risk management information systems vendor sums up the Marsh-STARS vs.
The company says the study examined competing risk factors to determine which are associated with malignancy following orthotopic heart transplantation (OHT), and was based on 3,895 patients in the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) Transplant Registry.
We focus on estimated competing risk models for employee-initiated turnover in the remainder of the paper.