compensatory movement

com·pen·sa·to·ry move·ment

(kŏm-pen'să-tōr-ē mūv'mĕnt)
Movement used habitually to achieve functional motor skills when a normal movement pattern has not been established or is unavailable (e.g., lateral trunk flexion and exaggerated weight shift to substitute for incomplete shoulder flexion while reaching above shoulder level or external rotation of the shoulder that extends the elbow if the triceps muscle is insufficient).
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This new movement pattern is termed a compensatory movement control strategy.
Traditional methods to quantify a compensatory movement strategy include kinematic analysis and an inverse dynamics approach [11-13].
Are these CIMT-induced improvements related to more efficient, compensatory movement strategies, such as proximal trunk-shoulder movements, or do they reflect true repair in the sense of regaining neurological functions reflected in more distally oriented hand function?
The moment he rises in order to pass the hurdle, the athlete will suffer only the influence of the weight, the position of his weight center will move in a determinate way within the gravitational field and the movement of the active segments during his passing the hurdle will generate a compensatory movement of the other segments in order to respect the mechanical theorems.
A significant innovation in upper limb prosthetics, it is the most technologically advanced and functional prosthetic hand available and enables users to complete activities of daily living with confidence and less compensatory movements which can put strain on their body.
For instance, muscles that make up-down compensatory movements in frontal-eyed species appear aligned for torsional movements in lateral-eyed species.
Inertial effects are crucial for a balanced analysis between anticipatory and compensatory movements.
Using feedback information from the force sensor, another computer will control the finer movements of the fast actuator and will relay signals to the robot controller so it can carry out any necessary compensatory movements of the arm.
It allowed the subject to reduce compensatory movements, such as moving his torso, and to stand in a fixed position" [14, p.
The purpose of this report is to present our case study demonstrating the use of motion analysis, in combination with a modified Box and Blocks test, to quantify the observed improvements in compensatory movements and simultaneous control in a subject using two different prostheses: a body-powered prosthesis and a TMR myoelectric prosthesis.
Children with arthrogryposis often do not have enough strength to lift food to their mouths and use awkward compensatory movements or eat with assistance.
As a result, she resorts to her old compensatory movements rather than using the WREX in certain settings.