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The division of a cell into different regions, either structurally or biochemically.
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If Clinton administration officials were alarmed about the FBI's compartmentation problems and had plans to fix it--and it's not clear that they were--there was little they could do because of the Republican power on the Hill.
Manipulation of metal transporters and their cellular targeting to specific cell organelles, such as vacuoles, to allow for safe compartmentation of heavy metals in locations that do not disturb other cellular functions.
However, they are not a panacea, and it is important that they form part of a package of measures, both active, such as smoke detectors, and passive, such as fire doors, fire-resistant construction and compartmentation, the efficacy of which has been proved over many years, along with effective building management.
Other subjects explored are genome trees and the nature of genome evolution, genome-wide responses to DNA-damaging agents, intracellular compartmentation in planctomycetes, regulation of bacterial gene expression by riboswitches, and the origins of new pandemic viruses.
Peroxidation of membrane lipids may also contribute to myocyte dysfunction as a consequence of alterations in membrane fluidity and porosity, second messenger function, cellular compartmentation, cell volume regulation, the expression and/or mobility of membrane receptors and other proteins and ultimately, cell lysis (Girotti, 1985).
Detoxication of metals by marine bivalves: an ultrastructural study of the compartmentation of copper and zinc in the oyster Ostrea edulis.
Compartmentation and reliability of sampling procedures in organochlorine pollution surveys of cetaceans.
At its January 15 appeal hearing, the Standards Council of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) voted to partially uphold an appeal to relax the requirements for compartmentation in the proposed 2003 revision of NFPA 232 Standard for the Protection of Records.
Altura BM, Aimin Z, Altura BT: Magnesium, hypertensive vascular diseases, atherogenesis, subcellular compartmentation of calcium and magnesium and vascular contractility Miner Electrolyte Metab 1993; 19:323-336
The latter are intended to make 'vertical places', gentle and easy transitions between levels of what Yeang calls the 'inevitable physical compartmentation of floors inherent in the skyscraper typology'.
Integrated and Organized Cellular Energetic Systems: Theories of Cell Energetics, Compartmentation and Metabolic Channelling
Contract Notice: Fire Compartmentation Works at Perth RoyalInfirmaryThe works consist of sealing breaches in the Compartment Walls, Compartment Floors, Sub-Compartments and Protected Zones and willinclude Builders work, and Joinery works, etc.