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They have a relatively low complication rate, and compartment syndrome is a rarely reported problem.
Secondary abdominal compartment syndrome after severe extremity injury: are early, aggressive fluid resuscitation strategies to blame?
Although the rate of developing compartment syndrome after an open fracture is low, quoted at 9.
Lower extremity compartment syndrome in the acute care surgery paradigm: safety lessons learned.
Case 2: Acquired Hemophilia with Compartment Syndrome
Consider repositioning the patient in long procedures to reduce the risk of pressure sores, DVT formation and compartment syndrome.
The abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) is the result of various physiological alterations produced by an abnormal increase of the intra-abdominal pressure.
Miller presented "Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Ventilator Care, and 12-Lead ECG Interpretation" at the 11th Critical Care Update in Las Vegas, Nev.
QUEBEC CITY -- Intracompartmental pressure testing is the only way to definitively diagnose chronic compartment syndrome, but the test is useless without first exercising the affected muscle, said Dr.
The Eagles have lost both Brent Werner (broken collarbone) and Adam Shields (fractured pelvis) this season, and Nicki Pedersen isn't 100 per cent fit after operations on both forearms a fortnight ago to remedy a condition known as 'chronic compartment syndrome.
Complications inherent to cast applications that are usually not the result of patient noncompliance include pressure sores, allergic reactions, joint stiffness, cast syndrome, infections, thermal burns, thrombophlebitis, compartment syndrome, and neurovascular compromise from cast tightness.