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The degree of compactness was intended only for soil layers annually disturbed by tillage, and it has only been tested for this purpose (Hakansson 1990) by using either the Proctor test or the uniaxial compression test.
Cluster 1 contains the companies, which have an average compactness of the relationship, very low revenue and low ICT potential.
Today's skid steers and compact excavators are cheaper to transport, offer compactness, versatility and toughness to handle today's severe applications," says Zupancic of John Deere.
WOODLAND HILLS - Residents urged the Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission on Monday to draw council districts with common economies and geographic compactness.
It could have taken the opportunity presented by the North Carolina case and others to define neutral principles to guide districting plans, such as the strict compactness standard proposed by Daniel Polsby and Robert Popper for the Heartland Institute.
Concentration compactness is an important method in mathematical analysis.
Since then, desiccant dryers have further advanced in compactness, drying controls, and energy savings.
Its high specific gravity and compactness make it resistant to wear and tear.
It features compactness, proven Zeiss optics, unparalleled mobility, and an optional integrated video system.
When they propose new boundaries, officials will have to take into consideration mandated criteria including topography, cohesiveness, contiguity, compactness of territory and community of interest.
The industry's broadest range of integrated motor drive modules (100W to 20kW) that enable designers to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency, compactness and low electromagnetic interference (EMI) required by inverter motor drive applications;