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compacter (kompak´tər),

n a rotary instrument used in the McSpadden endodontic technique to condense the guttapercha cone into the root canal.
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The solar panel provides the power for the internal compacter which is triggered when the contents of the bin reaches a certain volume.
Gervais has already brought in a compacter to level the road and prevent truck tires from kicking up loose rocks into car windshields.
is saving $2,910 a month on dumpster rental fees and no longer needs a compacter.
As the level of decomposition increased, compacter but coarser approximation component was obtained.
You don't have to compact; you don't have to use the compacter trucks, which are prohibitively expensive.
Green gadget boss Eamon Treacy was one of the first to fall foul of Ms Newman when she backed his pitch for the Bin Trasher waste compacter.
0-inch resistive touch screen with a wide bezel that sports the LG logo that could have been avoided, to make the handset compacter.
Randalls Fabrications has supplied two specially modified versions of its Simpak PP15 portable compacter for use in BIOGENS's waste recycling operations.
Luckily for her, staff spotted the piece of jewellery before it was put into a compacter.