community-based systems

community-based systems, healthcare organizations centered in and around a particular community.
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Community-based systems methods are founded in participatory processes with focus groups or related stakeholder groups (Buchholz et al.
An example of this includes a concept that would utilise community-based systems to aid people in pre-ordering elevators during peak times or during emergencies.
Applications are invited for Provision of Consultancy for the Basic Study of the Contribution of Community-Based Systems with the Results of the National Response to HIV.
Efforts continue to grow community-based systems of care and reduce the need for residential care.
The activities of the Council are intended to help support the creation and expansion of comprehensive, community-based systems of care for adults with serious mental illness and children with serious emotional disturbance in Iowa.
Quinn wants to close two institutions, put patients into community-based systems, and cut those as well.
In January 2006, MedVirginia's health information exchange became operational, making it among the first operational community-based systems in the U.
Topics include the construction of Indian nomadic tribes as criminal, sexual behavior and the construction of women's criminality, Dalit and Adivasi vulnerability to structural crime and the failure of the state to offer remedy, legislative and judicial responses to Adivasi land-use protests, the status of children under Indian criminal law, the ways in which the penal system constructs justifications for suspending ordinary laws and procedures for entire groups, the social bases of legal impunity as seen in the case of the Bhopal gas leak disaster, and the intersections between the formal criminal justice system and community-based systems in rural Haryana.
We can achieve this in part by supporting sound prevention and health promotion across the lifespan and by developing innovative, community-based systems of elder care that facilitate aging in place and support of family caregivers.
The mission of the Missouri Model Spinal Cord Injury System (MOMSCIS) focuses on improving access to high quality rehabilitation services by supporting integrated comprehensive community-based systems of healthcare delivery.
Using the specific example of community-based systems development for elderly persons, we analyze past efforts to improve service delivery systems, examine why these efforts have proven to be disappointing, and suggest that the context of organizational interdependence should guide efforts to shape and organize a delivery system.
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