community-based practice

com·mu·ni·ty-based prac·tice

(CBP) (kŏ-myūn'i-tē-bāst prak'tis)
Provision of skilled therapy services within a client's own home or community, with the requirement that the therapist take into consideration the lifestyle of the client and the cultural and social characteristics of the client's community. Typically such a practice provides expert knowledge that is not otherwise available to the client and ends when the needs calling it into existence have been met.
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GNTC notes that the practicum is "an educationally focused, guided field experience in which students engage in community-based practice with individuals, families and/or communities.
Serve as a leader within community-based practice settings, their local communities, and the profession of pharmacy.
to three friends, each a clinician in community-based practice.
The fact that a community-based practice is affiliated with an institution that is administratively and financially related to hospitals is contradictory in principle and also gives rise to many problems in practice, particularly financial issues.
KATHLEEN IRWIN (Doctor of Arts, Aalto University) is a scenographer, writer and educator (Head of Theatre, University of Regina), whose practical and theoretical research focuses on site-specific, community-based practice, and alternative performative spaces, including found space and the Internet.
Governmental agencies recommend that SON re-evaluate their curriculums and move away from the traditional primary focus on acute and chronic hospital-based instruction to one which includes more team-focused, community-based practice emphasizing policy, technology, and leadership development programs (IOM, 2009, 2010; Kemp, 2003; Korda & Eldridge, 2011).
Older adult care-given the shift in age range of the population of the United States, significant time and emphasis must be allocated to student learning about geriatric care, management of chronic conditions, and community-based practice.
Perhaps you want to cultivate an image as a local, community-based practice, or define yourself with a particular specialty, like socially responsible investing.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Approximately 16% of 264,697 patients in a community-based practice network had treatment-resistant hypertension in 2007.
Having been in a private, community-based practice for 27 years, and not in a metropolitan medical center, the answer seems obvious to me: insurance and money.
Baron, an internist in a five-physician community-based practice in Philadelphia that implemented an EHR in July 2004.

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