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VALUING THE PROCESS Faculty and community nurse interviewers were asked to provide feedback regarding what they felt was the overall benefit and value of the group interview.
Parish nurses, or faith community nurses, understand and embrace all dimensions of the whole person.
The Trust employs more than 80 ward sisters and community nurse team leaders who oversee around 3,000 nurses.
Visits are made and many nurses are involved with families and discharge planning teams Several faith community nurses also bring communion to their members as part of their ministries.
NZNO's submission also said the level of prescribing education for the community nurse (six days of theory and three days of practice with an authorised prescriber) needed more discussion, as did the funding and structure of their supervision.
We know that nurse-to-patient ratios delivered by mandated minimum nursing hours, maximum face-to-face hours for community nurses and BirthRate Plus enshrined in our legally enforceable award is the only way to deliver safe patient care.
1990 - The Developing Practice and Innovative and Creative Practice Awards was created to give grants of between pounds 2,500 and pounds 7,500 to community nurses seeking to develop projects to improve patient care.
So what I try to do in this role, having come from a nurse consultant role which was a leadership one before, is to demonstrate some of those behaviours every time I'm with the community nurse managers.
However, there is little understanding of how this is being developed in community nursing leaders and in frontline community nurses in Scotland.
Helen Wilmore has a simple message for her local member of parliament: more community nurses will deliver better health outcomes and save the government money.
Mrs Stringer, aged 60, was a community nurse based in Coundon for 25 years.
Her Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) was a great honour and she dedicated her medal to all nurses saying: "As a community nurse I have had many joys, tears and challenges.

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