community health aides

community health aides, the paraprofessionals who assist in the treatment or support of patients (in their residential setting) within the patient's community environment.
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For Alaskans in even more remote locations, community health aides and behavioral health aides can provide day-to-day care, visiting itinerant counselors offer less frequent services, and telehealth augments those offerings.
The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation has a regional hospital in Bethel as well as community health aides.
The hospital and services in Barrow support the surrounding villages, all of which have health clinics and community health aides.
To this end, a number of different providers--ranging among community health aides, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and doctors--work together to provide the care that each community needs.
We are very fortunate to have community health aides in some of the smaller communities, who are marvelous practitioners to have on staff, and to be able to partner them with midlevel providers in some of the larger villages," he adds.
YKHC has five sub-regional clinics and forty-two village clinics, and the SRCs may employ Community Health Aides and may have a Physician Assistant or locum assigned.
While there, they also held a videoconference training for community health aides in the surrounding villages.
Although most of the hospital's 500 employees are based in Nome, they travel regularly to outlying villages to provide services beyond what community health aides are trained to make available.
About 75 percent of those cases have been sent from community health aides to family physicians.
Community health aides diagnose afflictions, prescribe medications and relay messages to doctors in more urban areas via radio.
Community health aides, Alaska's version of China's "barefoot doctors," are getting more training and support as they work directly with the people in their villages.
Key to these successes are a dedicated corps of community health aides, supported by specialists in regional and urban medical facilities; advanced telecommunications; and strong, coherent political advocacy.
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