communication board

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com·mu·ni·ca·tion board

(kŏ-myūn'i-kā'shŭn bōrd)
Any arrangement of letters, words, symbols, or pictures designed to aid a person whose expressive language ability is inadequate.
See: augmentative and alternative communication
Synonym(s): conversation board, language board.

communication board

Any device with letters, pictures, or words that lets patients with impaired physical and verbal ability express themselves.
See also: board
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Picture Exchange systems, interactive communication boards, speech generating devices (SGD), email, and instant messaging are expressive AAC.
HAPPY contains the GS-2DBoardBuilder tool to assist instructors in the generation of bidimensional communication boards (classic-style), and the GS-3DBoardBuilder to assist instructors in the generation of tridimensional communication boards.
a technology leader in the emerging IP local exchange market, announced today that it has selected AudioCodes' (Nasdaq: AUDC) VoIP Communication Boards for integration into the company's comprehensive IP Centrex solution.
To provide a full range of serial protocols and connectivity, the line includes eight uniquely configured CompactPCI communication boards.
Supply, installation, removal and maintenance of traffic communication for large projects, and communication boards light, logos, stickers throughout the Department.
AudioCodes enabling technology products include VoIP and CTI communication boards, VoIP media gateway processors and modules, and CPE devices.
Under the agreement the companies have combined AudioCodes compactPCI TrunkPack communication boards with comMATCH's GCC V5.
Use wooden, non-electric communication boards instead of electronic communication boards in areas without electricity.
It shall design and build the RASTA-compatible boards and components (typically communication boards and switches) and make full use of RASTA s triplicated OBC architecture in a reference use-case implementation.
AudioCodes VoIP communication boards will be a significant part of the transport infrastructure implemented by Cosmobridge.

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