communicating artery

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com·mu·ni·cat·ing ar·ter·y

an artery that connects two larger arteries. See: anterior communicating artery, posterior communicating artery.

com·mu·ni·cat·ing ar·te·ry

(kŏ-myūn'i-kāt-ing ahr'tĕr-ē)
An artery that connects two larger arteries.

communicating artery

The anterior or the posterior communicating artery in the circle of Willis at the base of the brain.
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communicating artery

an artery linking two larger arteries, e.g. pedal communicating arteries (perforating arteries) linking dorsal and plantar arcuate arteries within the foot
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The inclusion of posterior communicating artery origin aneurysms with posterior circulation aneurysms also conflicts with earlier studies.
Just under half of the aneurysms treated were posterior communicating artery aneurysms, not because we selected them to coil but because they seem to have a high incidence in our population.
was taken for an angiogram, and tests suggested a left posterior communicating artery aneurysm.
Both decreasing vision and blurred vision with unilateral headaches represent warning signs of an underlying aneurysm of the ophthalmic or posterior communicating artery.
The patient presented with subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by an aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery.
A follow-up angiogram on day 3 showed complete occlusion of the left carotid cavernous fistula with excellent crossfill at the anterior communicating artery and collateral flow to the left middle cerebral territory via the left posterior communicating artery (Fig 4).
The right middle cerebral artery and anterior cerebral artery arose from the right ICA, the left anterior cerebral artery was fed by the contralateral anterior cerebral artery via anterior communicating artery.
The left and right ACA are connected by the anterior communicating artery (ACOM), which allows collateral flow between the two ACA.

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