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The tools and information provided through the ELT help me to better communicate key company objectives, initiatives and decisions to my employees: 4.
determine how newspaper articles, TV drug advertising, soap operas, and medical dramas affect health literacy, and how different media can be used to communicate more effectively with consumers varying in health literacy levels); or 6) examine the factors that influence the desire for or processing of health literacy information (e.
The purpose of the EAR program is to have a peer available to communicate management's concern for employees by responding to and acting upon employees' concerns and by assisting employees with their problems.
As she attempts to convey her perceptions to the listeners, the orator invokes Black Speak in order to communicate and illuminate a "truth.
Once again, I use the word "sell" as opposed to simply communicate, since your delivery of the message is just as important as the message itself.
Private loop devices communicate to other devices on the loop by discovering every other device.
We need to communicate at a level the child can understand.
Then, the World Wide Web became so enticing to users that corporations began modifying their networks to allow any workstations on them to communicate outside of the private network, through firewall computers to digital telephone connections to Internet Access Providers and the Internet.
It is often assumed that, if two people begin to communicate with each other more effectively and understand each other more deeply, then they will be a step closer to achieving harmony in their relationship.
Librarians can best communicate with and serve these individuals by learning and applying basic communication skills.

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