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a small community of people who share certain social and economic objectives. Members may also share property ownership and control local political leadership and are committed to the concept of holistic medicine.

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Q. what can a descrease in communication in an 8 year old be? I thought it was some kind of autism but been told it can't be. so what can it be?? I also think he is afraid to get fibromyalgia like his older sister, maybe that's what keeping him down?

A. decrease in communication can be from soooo many things. but you go straight through to the medical clinical solutions. you know, some 8 year olds stop talking with their parents because they are mad at them. so the question is - how long is it lasted? over 2 weeks? if so- it might be a good idea to take him to a children psychologist.

Q. What does an autism evaluation consist of? How long does it take? My two year old is getting evaluated for autism and I want to know what to expect. He is already in speech therapy. His speech therapist said she sees no signs of autism but I still want him tested just to be sure.

A. Hi Hun.. my twin son Thomas was 3 when he was taken to an assessment unit it was a 6 week look at him and how he was and acted, within a few sessions he was diagnosed with severe autism, he is nine now and still non verbal and still in nappies, i have to say autism isn't just about the lack of speech its a lot more than this, lack of eye contact , no interest in playing with other children head banging limited diet also can he a factor, Thomas had a speech therapist before he was assest at the “child development center” and even she said she thought he had autism but its not down to them they just pass on to the right people what she seen during the session, age two is very Young to be assest that is why (depending where your from) they like to leave it to three as speech is still developing.

Q. My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; please help us by giving some solution for this… My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; he is currently on his medication and takes them faithfully in a positive mood. We have a hard time communicating with each other and it's destroying our marriage, please help us by giving some solution for this…

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Address : Ommunaute de communes du Pays de Cruseilles: service commande publique
In the Sharing and Living category, the trophies were granted to "the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water and the urban commune of Dakhla", "Surfrider Foundation Morocco and the rural commune of Imssouane", "BMCE Bank and the urban commune of Harhoura.
However, a fresh and insightful new novel by Java Davis focuses on a lifestyle that Boomer Lit rarely puts under the spotlight - life in a commune.
Phnom Penh (Cambodia), June 4 (Xinhua-ANI): The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) of Prime Minister Hun Sen won a landslide victory in the 3rd commune council elections on Sunday, according to preliminary results released by the National Election Commission (NEC) on Monday.
In the last local election in 2007, the ruling Cambodian People's Party of Prime Minister Hun Sen captured 1,591 of 1,621 commune governments while the opposition Sam Rainsy Party won 28 and the royalist FUNCINPEC party won two.
They fell in with the commune "families" from Somerset and became turned on to the idea of a secluded, self-sufficient existence.
The second section, called "Buoni Cattolici: Religious Observance," examines the shared religious activities of the inhabitants of the communes.
The leader abandons his flock of origin to spread the new word (Hibiscus flees his original commune for being too strict).
The statuti of Italian communes defined citizenship, but numerous consilia and processi testified to its conflicted character.
These communes have featured a wide range of purpose and organization.
It is to this pastoral commune in southern Rwanda that the new government points when it talks about peace.
The water pipeline will pass through five communes in Dan Phuong District, six communes in North Tu Liem District and one commune in Tay Ho District.

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