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Commotio cordis is defined as a cardiac concussion with significant electrical disturbance when force is applied to the thorax during a vulnerable phase of ventricular repolarization.
Commotio Cordis is the second highest cause of death in athletes.
Global epidemiology and demographics of commotio cordis.
The majority of cases of commotio cordis - a sudden cardiac event occurring after a blow to the chest - happen during youth or high school competitive sports, such as baseball or football.
Michael died of commotio cordis - he went into cardiac arrest after being hit hard in the chest after a catch.
Commotio cordis (a Latin phrase meaning "commotion of the heart") is the term for a blunt, nonpenetrating blow to the chest that occurs during a 20-millisecond window and triggers an irregular heartbeat called ventricular fibrillation.
The cause of death was cardiac arrest, but it is not known whether this was spontaneous or a rare reaction known as commotio cordis.
Since 1998, close to 150 youngsters have died from this condition, according to the Commotio Cordis Registry.
The only known way to save someone from commotio cordis is to use an AED immediately.
There is a condition called commotio cordis in which a sharp blow directly to the chest at a very vulnerable period of the cardiac cycle does cause death.
It is best not to hit another in the anterior chest wall, and then commotio cordis is a nonentity