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An older term referring to a cancer involving the larynx and the apposed oesophagus. The term could still be useful, but because the word party as a synonym for shared, as in a two-party phone line, is fading from the working parlance, ‘shared’ seems less confusing
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The homes are an alternative to town houses and condominiums, but homes don't share common walls.
of combined Wash Block with common wall at Dinajpur sadar in Dinajpur District.
The closing is subject to a vertical subdivision that requires governmental approvals and will result in two distinct buildings sharing a common wall.
In considering the top risks for construction defect litigation, there is a different order of impact in multi-family building compared to single-family dwellings, encompassing water intrusion, acoustical, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), common wall and occupancy and/or ownership separation issues.
Limited Tenders are invited for Removal Of Common Wall Between New Dtt Room And Removal Of Aluminium Partition At Hpt Srinagar
Designed to replace traditional speaker boxes that have been necessary evils to music aficionados, interior decorators and homeowners, the SA2 sound systems are built into the walls or ceilings and covered with common wall coverings such as wallpaper, plaster and paint so they are completely invisible to the eye, he said.
This golf event is an expansion of our commitment to dispelling common Wall Street myths in order to help people increase their income, pay fewer taxes and assume less risk during their retirement years," said President and CEO Phillip Wasserman.
Tanner, the jury heard Cook's attorneys allege that Robbins had somehow profited by using the term, "meter drop," a phrase traditionally associated with taxi-cab meters and "rolling stock," a common Wall Street concept regarding the purchase of stock which means "buy low and sell high.
The former Turf Club Casino is located contiguous to, and shares a common wall with, the Elk Creek Gaming Hall.
3Com's award-winning NJ90 Network Jack is a low-cost, unmanaged switch that mounts conveniently into any common wall outlet area.
The 3Com NJ90 Network Jack is a low-cost, unmanaged switch that mounts conveniently into any common wall outlet area.
Compact in size, yet powerful in convenience, the latest in 3Com's family of network jack solutions provides four, 10/100 unmanaged switch ports in a single device that fits into any common wall cut-out or modular furniture opening.