Party Wall

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An older term referring to a cancer involving the larynx and the apposed oesophagus. The term could still be useful, but because the word party as a synonym for shared, as in a two-party phone line, is fading from the working parlance, ‘shared’ seems less confusing
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Figure 3: Clinical photograph showing the cystic mass sharing a common wall with the colon.
Endoscopic approaches involve dividing the common wall between the esophagus and diverticulum with a stapler or laser.
The Exit Stairs are prohibited from sharing a common wall, floor, ceiling, etc.
A reduced common wall in an attached environment provides privacy while also increasing outdoor livable space.
Our shower backed up to a common wall that contained all the plumbing we needed.
To add architectural interest and to share light between the two rooms, three 22-inch-square glazed windows and a same-size cutout perforate their common wall.
IT teams love ITPulse as it offers a common wall for both IT and IT management tools," said Dev Anand, director of product management at ManageEngine.
Common wall between intestine and cyst showed single common muscularis propria i.
Rod Ruhoff, for instance, built several "tandem houses" - two homes sharing a common wall and split by a property line - in his Dayna Park development off Crescent Drive.
The common wall lizard was discovered by staff at a grocery firm in Nantwich when they unwrapped the crate containing jars of bolognese sauce.
The two adjacent buildings will be linked by breaking through the common wall on the fifth floor and via a lobby connection.