common pathway

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common pathway

Any final route in a molecular 'cascade' in which there is a complex interplay among enzymes, substrates, activators, inactivators, and a relatively small signal is 'amplified' by a positive feedback loop to produce an effect Coagulation A CP is initiated by either the extrinsic or intrinsic pathway, either of which activates factor X–Xa, which in turn activates factor II, converting it into thrombin in the presence of factor V, Ca2+, and membrane phospholipid, and activate prothrombinase producing thrombin from prothrombin; prothrombin then converts fibrinogen into fibrin, forming a blood clot, that becomes irreversible when factor XIII is activated

Common pathway

The pathway that results from the merging of the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. The common pathway includes the final steps before a clot is formed.


a shared structure, function, disease. See also under specific name of the item, e.g. atrioventricular canal.

common chemical sense
mediated by the trigeminal nerve from chemical sense organs in the conjunctival sac and in the nasal and buccal cavities.
common fee
the fee for professional services agreed to formally or informally by a local group of the veterinary profession, usually determined by an interpractice survey of fees actually charged.
common law
the law of common usage, the practice or code which is usually followed. Based on decisions of the courts in individual cases. It is not written down as statutory law is.
common pathway
see coagulation pathways.
common salt
see sodium chloride.
common source
a point from which a number of animals are infected or affected. The point from which a common source or point epidemic begins.
common stonecrop
common sucker
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This rare situation does not describe this patient because prothrombin is a component of the common pathway, which should lead not only to an elevated PTT but an elevated PT as well.
Ritvo says the Utah study provides "the best evidence to date" that in a significant minority of cases, autistic symptoms represent the final common pathway of several diseases that undermine brain function.
Neurosurgeons took the lead on this because we are the final common pathway for treating these patients; they're often referred to us as the last hope," comments Dr.
prime contractor responsible for mission design, implementation, and coordination of work for the construction of a new building of houses with development of the common pathway (Building B1 defined by reference to the MOP law - section Decree 93-1268 1.
The 510(k) is the most common pathway to market for medical devices.
A final common pathway in the brain for both normal and pathological anxiety may involve the temporal poles," Reiman adds.
Fibrosis is a final common pathway in virtually all forms of chronic organ failure, whether in kidney, liver, lung, or other organs, conditions affecting millions of patients in the United States.
London, October 1 ( ANI ): Though the two proteins previously found to contribute to ALS have divergent roles, a common pathway links them.
July 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The FDA today announced that it will open a public docket to begin receiving public comments on the Institute of Medicine's (IOM) report on the 510(k) program, the most common pathway to market for lower-risk medical devices.
Drinking water is also the most common pathway for arsenic exposure.
This new result, together with others previous, suggests that the merger of white dwarfs could be a common pathway that leads to these violent thermonuclear explosions," said Ruiz-Lapuente.
Because DNA fragmentation and chromatin condensation are defined as common features of apoptosis, it has been thought to be a common pathway for apoptotic signal transduction (16).