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/com·mon/ (kom´en)
1. belonging to or shared by two or more entities.
2. usual; being frequent, prevalent, widespread, or habitual.
3. most frequent and best known of its kind.


a shared structure, function, disease. See also under specific name of the item, e.g. atrioventricular canal.

common chemical sense
mediated by the trigeminal nerve from chemical sense organs in the conjunctival sac and in the nasal and buccal cavities.
common fee
the fee for professional services agreed to formally or informally by a local group of the veterinary profession, usually determined by an interpractice survey of fees actually charged.
common law
the law of common usage, the practice or code which is usually followed. Based on decisions of the courts in individual cases. It is not written down as statutory law is.
common pathway
see coagulation pathways.
common salt
see sodium chloride.
common source
a point from which a number of animals are infected or affected. The point from which a common source or point epidemic begins.
common stonecrop
common sucker

Patient discussion about common

Q. What are the types of cancers that are most common? I am interested in knowing what are the types of cancers that happen the most, because I hear many people getting sick with colon cancer and for instance I don’t know anyone who got lung cancer.

A. The most common cancer types by occurrence in men are: prostate, lung, colorectal and bladder cancer. The most common in women are: breast, lung, colorectal and endometrial (uterine) cancer. The most common mortality both in men and in women is caused by lung cancer.

Q. Common cold but dreadful. I am suffering from a dreadful common cold. As I write: believe me, I long to have done with it. I am not enjoying it in the least. I fear however that I am already too old to see the day when the common cold becomes history. I tried the simple first aid tablets but no use. Could you use this session to help me out?

A. chicken soup :) the best cure!
you can try fresh ginger tea - it really make it easier..opens up the sinuses, drys up the mucous.

Q. what is the most common allergy? is it dust allergy?

A. thanks, I've heard of a new allergy treatment and trying to learn some more about the different kinds...

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Moreover, the notion of discovering "knowledge that exceeds, expands, or refines the common knowledge of skilled professionals" implies that the same standard applies to small businesses operating out of basements and garages and to large corporations with a highly educated research staff in locations around the world.
The first is the level of common knowledge about specific events.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- ON Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: ONTC) announced today a new version of its Common Knowledge software that supports workgroup collaboration over the Internet, as an NLM, and across Macintosh, Windows and DOS clients.
Unlike many similar products, Common Knowledge includes it own proprietary transport to independently distribute information across the network and does not require any electronic mail package on which to run.
Women and men love in exactly the same way, the common knowledge goes.
Gennaro added, " A great deal of research supports the common knowledge that exercise is good for your health, but surprisingly, over 85 percent of American adults do not participate in regular physical activity.
It's very common knowledge that the two can be fatal,'' said Tom Holeman, a drug expert with the North County Methamphetamine Laboratory Task Force.
It's common knowledge that air quality can impact your health.
The dust problem is not being considered, and it is now common knowledge that Valley fever is being caused by this very same dust.
While it is common knowledge that marketers can greatly improve the odds of their messages reaching the inbox by having customers add them to their address book, this is not an easy task, and a well-planned and executed Add-to-Address book strategy is required to convince customers to take the appropriate action.
A nuclear weapons abolition treaty would require intense negotiation of the specifics, but the essential elements are common knowledge.
For the same reason, he squeezes trendy tidbits of common knowledge out of the histories of modern physics and technology to suit his purpose.