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Common hepatic artery was carefully exposed by blunt dissection through retroperitoneal fat and upper margin of the pancreas upto the porta hepatis, exposing its branches12,13.
With the stomach mobilized common hepatic artery and its branches were identified and data noted.
Common hepatic artery originated from celiac trunk in all 70 (100%) specimens, was entirely to left of common hepatic duct and common bile duct and ventral to portal vein.
4%) case, common hepatic artery and gastrodoudenal artery seem to be separated by a sulcus on the superior aspect giving the impression of two arteries, with anostomosis between each other in the same case (Fig.
8%) cases, accessory right hepatic artery arising from common hepatic artery (Fig.
The other contributors were the left hepatic artery (6[+ or -]2%), hepatic artery proper (2[+ or -]2%), common hepatic artery (0[+ or -]6%), superior pancreatico-duodenal artery (0[+ or -]2%) and the superior mesenteric artery reported by Anson.
12%) the common hepatic artery originating at the celiac trunk and the left gastric and splenic arteries originating separated at the aorta.
12%) the celiac trunk emitting the common hepatic artery and the left gastric and splenic arteries with independent origins in the aorta were observed by us.
we found one left gastric artery originating in the anterior wall of aorta, the splenic artery and the common hepatic artery with proximal origins in the median portion of the aorta, approximately 0.
The left gastric artery may originate straight from the celiac artery or through a common trunk with the lienal artery, bifurcating itself with the common hepatic artery (Schwarze; Nickel et al.
The common hepatic artery and superior mesenteric artery were arising from a single trunk and named it as hepato-mesentric trunk (HMT).
The second one was hepato-mesentric trunk arising 12mm below the origin of gastrospleno-phrenic trunk at the level of L1, behind the neck of pancreas; measuring 10mm in calibre was running downwards for 15mm course and terminating by dividing into common hepatic artery and superior mesenteric artery.